Tullamore Dew “Crock” Irish Whiskey

My wife and I received this as a Christmas Gift last year from a dear friend, and it sat on a shelf in our dining room for a bit of decoration – for months. To be completely honest, I didn’t really notice it because it just blended in with all the other stuff. But one evening, a couple of months ago, I sat down at the dining room table to do some work, and as I bent down to plug in my computer’s power supply, I noticed the crock sitting there.

I called to my wife and asked her where we got it, and she replied that we got it from a very dear friend whose daughter did Irish dance with our daughters. Lucky me, I thought, because my wife doesn’t drink whiskey… 🙂

To be completely honest, I’ve never delved deeply into Irish whiskey, and while I’ve had Jameson – who hasn’t – the only other Irish whiskey I know is Redbreast, which I have at least once a year on Saint Paddy’s Day. It’s not that I don’t like Irish whiskey but with all the wonderful whiskeys out there – especially great bourbon and rye – I haven’t paid too much attention to the Irish whiskey offerings.

Circling back to this particular Irish whiskey, I have been pleasantly surprised at how smooth and tasty it is.

What I Smell

This whiskey has a fruity nose, with some green apple and a little note of stone fruit. This is followed up with buttered toast. That actually took me by surprise and was very pleasant.

What I Taste

Upfront, I taste a bit of honey and spice, and more stone fruit, with a nice, long finish of caramel leading to a vanilla aftertaste. Very Nice. Of particular note is the very smooth mouthfeel. I usually expect a bit of a bite from a whiskey, but the “bite” from this is the note of spice, and it’s subtle. Perhaps this comes from the triple distilling process.

How I Like to Drink It

I drink this neat with either a few drops of water or do as I saw on Anthony Bourdain when he visited Ireland a few years ago, place a single chip of ice in the whiskey. Either method helps the flavors bloom.

Overall Impression

It’s funny, I rarely dislike a whiskey; I guess you might say that I have varying degrees of “like.” Tullamore Dew on my “like” scale probably falls just above the median. I enjoy it. I don’t think it’ll be on my regular rotation, as I won’t be consuming it quickly. But based on how nice it is, I’ll probably keep a bottle of it around for occasional imbibing.

Update 10/8/2017

Yeah, I mentioned in my overall impression that I’d probably put it at about the media for my “like” scale. But since I’ve opened the bottle and it has had time to sit, the whiskey has totally transformed, finishing with a creamy-smooth, butterscotch and vanilla finish. It’s stupendous! So that said, I think I’d probably have this one in a decanter or let it sit for awhile after I’ve opened it. It’s really excellent!