New Drink Recipe: The Jumpin’ POG

I am in Honolulu, Hawaii as I write this. Came back to the house we rented and I wanted some booze. Didn’t feel like drinking bourbon straight up because it was a hot day, so I experimented with mixing some Passion-Orange-Guava juice (which is a staple here in the islands) with some bourbon. I figured the sweetness of the bourbon would complement the juice, and I was not mistaken. So easy to make:

1 shot decent¬†bourbon (I used Jefferson’s)
8 oz. POG
Pineapple wedge
Sprig of mint

Fill a double rocks glass with ice. Pour bourbon over the ice. Top off with POG and stir. Garnish with pineapple or tropical fruit wedge and a sprig of mint.

Admittedly, I didn’t have either garnish on hand, but you have to garnish with something and my son and I who drank one with me agreed that mint would be a great garnish with this. OMG! It’s delicious and SO refreshing on a hot day!


Author: GoofyDawg

Brendan "GoofyDawg" Delumpa is just a regular guy who has four passions in life: Guitar, Golf, Wine, and Whiskey. As the "Dawg" or GoofyDawg, he's got his nose to the ground in search of great guitar gear, the perfect golf shot, and as many great wines and whiskeys as he can handle!

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