Tatoosh Bourbon

tatoosh-bourbon-3-years-oldHere’s another bourbon that I tried on my trip to Seattle…

This bourbon actually comes from Bend, Oregon and produced by the Bendistillery. The last time I was in Bend, I saw this but didn’t really think too much of it because I was busy trying out all the fantastic craft brews and breweries in the area.

But yesterday at my hotel’s bar, I asked to try it since it was one I hadn’t had yet. My great bartender poured it in a glencairn glass but also accompanied it with a rocks glass with a large cube to see how I’d like it. Turns out I preferred it over ice.

This bourbon is balanced. Nothing really stands out. And while there’s nothing that particularly stands out, there’s nothing bad about it. It’s like the equivalent of playing guitar “in the pocket.” Steady.

What I Smell

Slightly floral with a little honey and a bit of leather. It’s pleasing without being spectacular.

What I Taste

A little vanilla, a little spice, a little honey, a little toffee, overlaying a citrus note and a super-short finish. Nothing bad about this bourbon, but it’s not that inspiring to me, either.

How I Like to Drink It

The only way I’ve had it is neat and with a cube. But I’d probably use this as a mixer. But at the price, it is highly unlikely I’d get a bottle of this, especially if I’m not going to drink it any other way. Like I said, it’s not bad, but it’s also not that inspiring.

Overall Impression

Thus is a good, solid bourbon. Would I drink it again? Sure. But I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get a bottle. There are plenty of better bourbons at that price point.


Author: GoofyDawg

Brendan "GoofyDawg" Delumpa is just a regular guy who has four passions in life: Guitar, Golf, Wine, and Whiskey. As the "Dawg" or GoofyDawg, he's got his nose to the ground in search of great guitar gear, the perfect golf shot, and as many great wines and whiskeys as he can handle!

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