Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough

I wasn’t always a whiskey drinker. In fact, my first taste of whiskey was in the form of a nasty whiskey sour on my 21st birthday that sent me running to the bathroom to retch out all the alcohol my fraternity brothers practically pumped into my system, and I stayed away from it. But one day, a friend introduced me to Macallan 12 Scotch. I was hooked, and from there I resolved to explore this incredible spirit that comes in so many forms.

To be completely honest, you won’t find me talking too much about Scotch here. I have my favorites (which I’ll talk about), but they are few. However, I love Bourbon and to a slightly lesser degree, Rye, so please excuse me if I tend to focus on those.

I’m also not a purist where I have to drink my whiskey neat. I like it neat, on the rocks, or mixed in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. And I’m also not a snob about the spirits I drink. I’ll try expensive and cheap whiskeys up and down the board. Like drinking wine, drinking whiskey is an experience.


Author: GoofyDawg

Brendan "GoofyDawg" Delumpa is just a regular guy who has four passions in life: Guitar, Golf, Wine, and Whiskey. As the "Dawg" or GoofyDawg, he's got his nose to the ground in search of great guitar gear, the perfect golf shot, and as many great wines and whiskeys as he can handle!

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